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ALV Avvocati Associati
is a dynamic and independent entity for legal assistance in criminal law.
The components of the study are all penalists, as well as modern processes, with a vast experience in the idea of ​​defensive strategy.

The relationship with the client

The relationship with the client is defined by one word: frankness. .
The client, after the initial meeting in which the features of the case are outlined, shall be informed of the acceptance of the potential services to be provided in terms of the legal assistance and an estimate of the costs. A typical contract of the firm stipulates an hourly rate, but also other solutions can be agreed according to the needs of the client and the nature of the case. The final examination is generally a co-operative task and the solutions developed through the teamwork of the professionals in the practice; the result is presented to the client in a meeting with one or more professionals, depending on the needs of the case.
Privacy is guaranteed not only by respecting the legislative standards in the field but also by the absence of the nominative on the cover of the papery file, countersigned instead by progressive numbers. As soon as the case has been accepted & the terms agreed the client will be given the name of a professional who will act as a formal referent.

Work method

The law firm is equipped with all the tools for a modern working environment: - program for data - management; - on-line networking for all users; - link to the courts which provide this service (for monitoring all - on-line court cases); - access and use of juridical databases; - computer access to paper-based library; - subscriptions to trade journals and legal news services online.

The law firm ALV is underwritten by FONDIARIA–SAI (Policy-No X01895062-00) insurance company for professional liability.

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