A Well-Established Entity

ALV Avvocati Associati is a dynamic and independent entity providing legal assistance in Criminal Law across the entire national territory. The members of the law firm are all criminal lawyers, as well as modern proceduralists, with extensive experience in designing and organizing defense strategies.

The Client Relationship

The relationship with the client is defined by one word: clarity. For this reason, after the initial meeting aimed at outlining the details of the engagement, the client is informed of the acceptance through the characteristics of the legal assistance service and the cost estimate. Privacy is guaranteed not only by adhering to legislative standards on the matter but also by the absence of names on the covers of paper files, which are instead identified by progressive numbers.

The Working Method

The law firm is equipped with a modern and sophisticated management system that allows for the optimization of work organization and the monitoring of commitments and deadlines. The professionals are constantly connected and available. Research activities are usually shared, and solutions are developed through team work.