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ALV Avvocati Associati

ALV Avvocati Associati is a law firm founded in 2007 with the goal of providing modern, dynamic, and effective criminal defense services. The founding partners are Davide Adami and Marco Libardi, criminal defense attorneys who have been collaborating since 2001 and have handled cases nationwide.

Experience, expertise, and a particular attention to individuals are the main characteristics of ALV Avvocati Associati.

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Nationwide Criminal Defence Lawyers

ALV is a leading criminal defence Law Firm based in Verona (Italy), whose team is all made by criminal defence lawyers. We are strictly linked to other Law Firms that have and trust in the same values of quality, dynamism and attention to the person.

European Court of Human Rights

ALV Avvocati Associati provides assistance for appeals to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR); it also continuously monitors Strasbourg judgments to stay updated in this particular field of European law.

Experience and expertise

We have a wealth of experience in providing criminal defence services across Italy, with our team of specialist criminal defence lawyers providing successful defence and expert legal assistance for our clients. We work in team and are efficient and effective with excellent standards.